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NekoEnglandxXxReader-Chapter 2-Where Have You Gone
It's been a while since that horrible mistake had arose between you and Arthur. Your heart was slowly breaking as he hadn't replied to any of your texts or the numerous messages you had left on his voice mail. You had tried to set yourself away from Arthur as far as possible, hoping he would of calmed down, allowing you to tell him what had really happened on that day. Did he really hate you that much? Oh how you wished to be able to fix that mistake.
After a while you started to worry, he apparently hadn't attended the latest meeting and some of the countries noticed his disappearance ( Although some were quite happy of his absence ). When you had gone and asked the other countries how he was going they all seemed to respond the same way...
"I'm Sorry, Dudette"
"I'm Sorry, Aru"
"I'm Sorry, Mon Cher"
"I'm Sorry, Da"
"I'ma Sorry, Bella"
"I'm Sorry, Chicka"
"We haven't herd of him lately"
You were currently driving towards Arthur's house to go check on him. Right now you really didn't ca
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Itasaur by veneziano102 Itasaur :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 5 6 Skunk Boy Adoption by veneziano102 Skunk Boy Adoption :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 5 2 Adoption Trio 1 ~ ( Open ) by veneziano102 Adoption Trio 1 ~ ( Open ) :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 1 7 Barchi OC by veneziano102 Barchi OC :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 1 1
AmericaxXxBlindReader ~ These Lies Are For You OS
OS = One shot
The sun was bright and warm, heating your tender soft skin. You herd the birds tweeting a sweet melody in the rhythm of the waves crashing onto the shore. The warm and crunched and shaped around your bare feet, leaving a trail of footprints behind you. Even though you couldn't see, the beach was still a beautiful place that soothed the soul. You had been born into the world blind and your parents had always looked down on you like it was your fault. They adored your older sister, just because she was able to do the things you couldn't. She would always tease you and make fun of your blindness, always tripping you over, telling you to watch out even nothing was there and doing things in front of you to make you look stupid. You felt all alone, ashamed of yourself. Until your now best friend Alfred came into your life. He stood up for you and never left your side, helping you when in need like the 'hero' should, as he put it. He loved you dearly and you could tell but it wa
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NekoEnglandxXxReader -Chapter 1- An Accident
You were currently at you best friends house, his name was Arthur. He had invited you over for some tea and scones after his world conference, he was the personification of England while you were just an ordinary human, but that didn't stop the two of you from having a close friendship. You secretly had a crush on the man but you knew he didn't like you the same way and you were scared of ruining the great friendship you had with each other. Arthur walked into the room you were sitting in, holding a tray of tea and scones. Most people dreaded those 'Things' and always told you how disgusting they tasted and the roomers of the people who nearly 'died' because of them, but you didn't really know why. You had tasted them before and they were delicious and the ones Arthur made didn't look half as bad.
"Sorry I took so long, love. I wanted the scones to be perfect for you" you smiled at him as he placed the try on the table.
You loved how he called you love. It was so different to how he tr
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Puppetalia ~ Chp 1 ~ Another World
It was the time of the month again were all the countries of the world gathered to "solve" world problems, yet they only seemed to make new ones at these meetings. So as usual the countries were yelling and arguing with each other about who was the best at what, who did this and who did that. Most the countries were to be fighting and poor Germany was trying to  get them to stop. Again. It only seemed to be that the only people not fighting was him, Japan and that one nervous chap that really freaked out Germany.
"Shut Up You Bloody Git!!"
Germany ducked as a plate flew inches away from his head and smashed into the wall, shattering every where. The maid quickly started to sweep it up immediately, Germany turned around to face the British and French man fight about god knows what. But Germany really didn't care what it was about, he just wanted to start the meeting.
"Stop fighting zhe two of you!! Ve need to start zhis meeting immediately! Ve have a very important topic today vhic
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To My Best Friend~ by veneziano102 To My Best Friend~ :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 2 0 Mochi Canada by veneziano102 Mochi Canada :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 1 2 Hikari My OC by veneziano102 Hikari My OC :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 1 0 Penpal Ad by veneziano102 Penpal Ad :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 2 11 2P Iggy Sketches by veneziano102 2P Iggy Sketches :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 2 1 America Cat by veneziano102 America Cat :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 4 8 England Mochi :D by veneziano102 England Mochi :D :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 4 1 Bunny Iggy by veneziano102 Bunny Iggy :iconveneziano102:veneziano102 3 1

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